Wednesday, December 29, 2010

will you ?

will you be there when i need you ?
will you lend me your shoulder when i cry ?
will you be by my side and wipe my tears away ?
will you comfort me and try to make me laugh when im feeling down ?
will you give me strenght to move foward ?
will you be proud of me when i achieve something ?
will you help me if i need it ?
will you still willing to entertain me even when im in a crazy mood ?
will you laugh at all my stupid jokes * even if  its not funny at all :p * ?
will you persuade me when im sulking ?
will you calm me down when im angry ?
will you smile when i smile ?
will you try to smile if i asked you to , even when ure in a bad mood ?
will you be worried if im sick ?
will you feel restless if we didnt chat or talk for a while ?
will you be thinking of me everyday ?
will you miss me ?
will you wish me goodnyte before you sleep ?
will you try not to get angry if i did something terrible / silly ?
will you consider my feelings before doing something ure not suppose to ?
will you forgive me if ive done anything wrong before ?
will you tell me the truth and dont ever lie ?
will you accept me just the way i am ?
will you love me sincerely ?
will you tell the whole world that i'm the only girl you love ?
will you pray for me ?
will you dear ? will you ?

stupid question that keep popping out of my headd :p
haaa , jawab jawab , gyahahah >.<

Cheers !