Saturday, December 25, 2010

why ?

I'm in Melaka rite now ,  holiday :)
great isn't it ?

but entahh laa , suddenly pagy2 bute ni rase down pulak . dunno why 
hopefully nothing bad happen to anyone i know .
yeahh , bile nak tido but kepale pk bnde laen sure susahh nk lelap kan ?
recently susah nk tido awal . haishh =_="

jom mengarut pagi-pagi bute !
pena x rindu someone ? but dunno how to say ?
maybe your ex or someone you are so close before ?
and sekarang da x bertegor langsong ?
biase laa tu , bile ade ngn kite , buad bodo jea , siap malas nk layan agy
but bile dahh tade , asyikk teringat jea . haha :)

bile ending relationship dgn gadohh ,
nk start balek as a friend susahh cket kan ?
yelahhh , dlu rapat gile , skrg just nak kawan biase .
if kite still have feelings for that person .
bile tgok that person rapat ngn orangg len ,
xrase laen macam ke ? jeles maybe ? 
or korang just lantak dye lah nk buad ape ? 
non of my business rite ? haha :p

kawan aku cakap "feeling tu lame2 bole hilangg", 
"but kenangan time rapat dlu, sure xdpt nk lupekan" yes ! this part i agree :)

better tak payah rapat so xsaked aty or lets just be friends ?
depends on you , you decide :) 

p/s : hey, i do miss you , ngehehe~ 

Cheers !