Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello Fellow Readers (!) 

Atlast , buad jugak blog atas sokongan dan dorongan Shiera Mazlan 
ouhhyeahh , im new , so mule-mule agak susa laa nk edit segala . ngee~
I created this blog just for fun okey , bosan punye pasal . haha .
I will post something based on my feelings , experience , logical thinking or my point of view :)
Im not great at telling stories , kalau bosan sorry yaww . hehe
Family and Friends are my top priority :)
Without THEM , mmg xde makne lahh hidop niy 
Im a Fulltime Student , so hadap bukuu jelah
yay ~ bestnye (=____=)
SPM candidate 2011 , so next year will be a very busy year .
The most important exam weyhh , penentu mase depan !
Hopefully still bole online skali skale, doakn lappie burok ni tak kne tarikk :p

Err , taktaww nk merepek ape dahh , haha
cukopp laa ea , nnty smbg lagy :)
Cheers !